We would like to update you on the various initiatives that we have decided to progress since being elected in December 2016, as follows :

1. Newsletter & internet

The first edition of the newsletter in its new format, N° 39 was extremely well received, both in France and abroad in the Anglo-Saxon world.  Readers appreciated that the new format, which is partly in English and French  was of a very high, professional standard.  This recognition of the quality is highly appreciated by the volunteers on the editorial committee and will encourage them to greater things.

2. Education

Following the magnificent account described in newsletter N°39 by Christelle Zuccolotto, an English language teacher near Bordeaux, we plan to follow the organisation of meetings with former resistance members as well as visits by her class of students to war memorials in France and the United States in the editions to come.

3. External relations

We have set in place a program of meetings to renew our contacts with military and state bodies, both French and overseas, and this is advancing well.   We have neglected to do this in recent years and are pleased to be welcomed by organisations that have not heard from us for some time.  The British Ambassador; the Ministry of Defence, the Musée Jean Moulin, the Cities of Nanterre, Rueil-Malmaison, Suresnes, the Mont Valérien memorial, Special Forces Club and the University du Sussex to name a few.

4. Valençay

In May, we held a ceremony with the Maire of Valençay, at the memorial to SOE Agents in France where 45 FANY officers attended who were commemorating the 75th anniversary of the parachuting of their first two agents into France. 

5. Conference Jan 2018

We organised our 6th conference on the 26th January 2018 at the Ecole Militaire in Paris.  

This was dedicated to our former President, Captain Bob Maloubier.

The board hopes to be able to work with all members for the promotion of the association, and all our members and those interested in SOE Section F.

We are conscious that with your support and the hard work we are doing, that we will grow in size and activity.

We would encourage you to reflect on the following: any ideas you may have on how to recruit new members and how to collect new ideas and activities.

But it must not be forgotten that all ideas depend on finding the volunteers who can consecrate the time required to find and advise new members and to encourage them to be active in our new initiatives.

It remains for us to find these volunteers


SOE Section F