In this section, we have collected details of a number of publications which we believe could interest the members of Libre Résistance.   All our readers are invited to let us know if they are aware of other related publications, particularly if they are the author, and we would be pleased to receive their points of view.

Occasionally we have added notes to assist the reader in identifying which circuit is concerned, in which Département the narrative is concerning etc.  In addition we may add in bold type key words which direct the reader to articles on the Wikipedia website that are related to the article in question.

In this edition we are pleased to announce two recent books of which we are particularly proud, since the authors are also members of our association.

Shadows in the Fog

The True Story of Major Suttill and the Prosper French Resistance Network. By Francis J. Suttill. Stroud, Gloucestershire, U.K.: 

The History Press, 2014. ISBN 978-0-7509-5591-1. Illustrations. Sources. Appendixes. Index. Pp. 296. $34.95.


Her Finest Hour – The awful fate of betrayed volunteer who operated behind enemy lines in France  

Dressed in her Women’s Auxiliary Air Force uniform, Diana Rowden looks like any other young female who had volunteered to help Britain’s war effort.

But behind the photograph lies an extraordinary tale of heroism and tragedy. Rowden was a secret agent dropped behind enemy lines in France, and her story has been revealed in full for the first time.

A new book details Rowden’s vital work with the French Resistance as a member of the Special Operations Executive. It also lays bare her fate.

The book, Her Finest Hour, by historian Gabrielle McDonald-Rothsell .

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